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I offer mural services in Volusia county and the surrounding area.

Contact me below to discuss your idea and how I can help bring it to life!

I had a great time working on this one and am proud to have a piece of my artwork beautifying my town.

Working with Tracey was great. She was open to something pretty that would fit in downtown with all of the artwork in the area. I chose Sandhill Cranes as they are one of my favorite birds, and come back in greater quantities every year. They are like living dinosaurs, but they are so docile at the same time. I love watching their little colts appear as they hatch, and wanted to capture the familial bond these beautiful creatures exhibit.

door mural of 2 adult sandhill cranes and a baby in the foreground

Rear entrance of PrettyLittleThings in Downtown Deland, FL.

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